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Ross Bay Cemetary

Ross Bay Cemetary

This was taken on a recent shoot at the Ross Bay Cemetary in Victoria, BC. Some more pictures from the shoot can be found here.

911 Streetlights

blinky lights
Saturday night I had planned to head out to Luminara to check out and photograph the lanterns people had created. I had attended last year, before I was into photography, and really enjoyed myself. Once your eyes adjust to hte darkness, the lanterns really stand out, and become quite magical.

This year was not to be. I left late, a few minutes before ten, and drove down to Beacon Hill park. I missed the entrance to the parking, so I cirlced around, discovered that too many people were leaving to allow newcomers to park, so I circled back and parked along Dallas Road.

I jumped out of my truck, grabbed my gear, and started walking towards the park. There were lots of cars out, and people were snapping up the parking spots as quickly as they could.

Canada Day Fireworks

Here are some of my favorite Canada Day fireworks shots. You can see the whole gallery here.

Technical Critique

Well, photography class is coming to an end, but it sure has been fun. The first few weeks were extremely technical in information. The instructor explained the different parts of the camera, how they work, and how they all interact with each other.

Film affects shutter speed, which affect aperture setting, which is also affected by flash. How do different pieces of equipment affect all of the above.

Exposure Assignment

The Photography Class last night was great. I learned lots of useful things. Let's see, topics covered were: focusing techniques, shutter settings, aperture settings, and exposure meters.

Different cameras have different focusing techniques. The instructor explained some of the benefits and drawbacks to split image focusing, micro prism focusing, grid-matte focusing, and the straight up very familiar autofocus.

We learned how changing the shutter speed can affect the picture taken. Changing the aperture size affects the depth of field. The right combination of shutter speed, and aperture size determines how your vision of what the photo should look will actually turn out. Lots of experimentation is needed to get it right on a consistent basis. Exposure meters help you figure out the correct aperture and shutter settings. Like I said, lots of useful topics were covered. This is the kind of stuff I wanted to learn.


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