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Movember Photography

An interesting corollary to Movember is that I think I have a mini photography project. I am now starting a month of self portraits. Hmm.

I am posting there here on my website, to TwitPic, and to my MoSpace. Think I have the bases covered?

Perfect Fall

Today was such a gorgeous day. Warm, sunny, perfect. Sox's Mum was in town so we walked the dogs at Elk Lake. The kids had some fun too.

We may not get the colors that eastern Canada gets, but our fall can be every bit as gorgeous.

My son is impervious to cold. He was running through the lake until he was soaked. Then he tripped. While down on all fours he crawled a couple steps before standing up. He never complained about how cold the water was. Then he walked all the way back to the car (10 minute walk) and never mentioned feeling cold. Amazing.

Zoomed in and out on a leaf pile while I rapid shot some pictures. This was one of my favorites.

Resolution Noise

Since I was talking about noise at higher ISO I though I would post a couple comparison shots. Warning, the links take you to the full resolution images which are a tad large.

Below is a shot from my 20D at ISO 1600. It looks OK, until you crop.

You can really see the noise there.

This next shot was taken at ISO 3200 on my 50D. The crop on each pictures is the same (640 X 472).

Sunrise Out

Yesterday there was an amazing sunrise. Thankfully my mom lives close to the ocean so I didn't have to even leave her deck to capture it. It was pretty chilly out.

Sunset Varies

Some pictures from last night's sunset. It wasn't the most spectacular sunset I've seen, but it had some nice depth. In a sunset like this I love how the color of the sky varies from brilliant orange to a deep blue.

For this shot of Yoshi I wanted to test the noise of my new camera at higher ISO settings. This was shot at ISO 2000. Much better ISO performance over my 20D. The 20D at ISO 800 had way worse noise than this.


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