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Sunset Begun

After the kids were in bed, I grabbed my gear and headed out for a walk. I was hoping to catch a nice sunset, but I soon realized I left our house way too early. Still, I didn't want to squander my time, so I wandered about taking a few pictures here and there.

I ended up near a river estuary when the sun finally dipped below the horizon. The colors weren't as grand as I was hoping for, but I captured a few scenes that I quite like. I got a little chilly in the wind, so I didn't stick around too long. The vacation has barely begun, so I have lots of opportunities for sunsets.

Of course, 10 after getting back to the house, the colours really lit up the sky and clouds. Too bad I had put away my gear.

Sunday Shots

On Sunday while walking with Beet and Yoshi I was able to stop once in a while and take a couple pictures. Here are some fall in Victoria shots that I came away with.

Snowbirds Zoomed

Sunday the Snowbirds were in town for a show off Dallas road. We got down there in plenty of time and eagerly waited for the show. I think Sprout quite enjoyed the show, and talked about the NoBirds for quite a while. I don't think they did their proposed 40 minute show, but the show we got was pretty good.

After arriving I immediately noticed that the shooting conditions were less than ideal. We were facing the sun, and the Snowbirds were going to be back lit. Also, it was cloudy meaning I needed to overexpose the whole scene to try and properly expose the planes. Some dark clouds snuck up behind us while we were watching and threatened to rain on us. It was a little scary for a few minutes.

After reviewing my shots, I am pretty happy with a lot of them, but I noticed that I was deleting quite a few. I had on my long lens, and for most of the shots I was zoomed out to the full 200mm. I wasn't very careful about bracing the camera as I shot, so I ended up with motion blur. C'est la vie. Below are some pics, but the rest of the pictures are here.

Camera Improvement

I've been saving for a new lens for my 20D for quite a while now. I recently changed my mind and decided to buy a new camera body to replace the 20D, sell the 20D, then use that money and start saving for another lens.

I had settled on Canon's 40D, and as I was getting ready to make my purchase I started to hear rumors of a 50D.

Sure enough the 50D was released and now I don't know what to do. Do I still buy a 40D expecting that it's price will drop? The 40D was a definite improvement over my 20D, but the 50 is even better than the 40.

Right now I am leaning towards the 50D. I might even go for the 50D plus a kit lens that I can sell that lens with the 20D to increase it's value. I know someone who might be interested in my 20D body but I have no idea how much I should sell it for.

What is a photographer to do?

Sunset Nanaimo

Some pictures from a Nanaimo sunset. We were in Nanaimo this past weekend, and when I saw this shaping up, I walked from my mom's place down to the beach. It certainly was amazing.


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