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Daytrip Breathtaking

The day after we got back from the camping trip we had a daytrip over to Saltspring Island to visit with some of the same family that we were camping with.

It was a great day, but pretty long. We got on a morning ferry and Sprout enjoyed the trip. The boat was full and some cars actually didn't make it on. Weird thing was when I walked to the front of the ferry there was an empty spot that they could have fit another couple cars in.

Once in Ganges we met up with Sox's family, got some food, then headed headed out to try and find the beach on St Mary Lake. We had some trouble finding it, and when we finally got there we understood why. The beach was all of 30 feet wide. Tiny.

We spend the next three hours there. Sprout and his cousin had a ball playing in the sand and water. Getting buckets of water, pouring them out, getting more. Sandcastles were made and demolished. Rivers were created, rerouted, filled in, and created again. Lunch was eaten and the playing resumed.

Fireworks Release

Tuesday night I zipped out to Macaulay Point Park to watch the fireworks and to take a few pictures. It was a little windy and tiny bit chilly standing out in the dark near the water as I anxiously waited for the show to start.

Shooting fireworks can be easy and fun provided you have the right equipment. Start with a camera that has a bulb setting (ie the shutter stays open as long as you press the shutter button). Must, must, must have a sturdy tripod, and a cable release is pretty handy too.

With the camera pointed in the right direction, fix the aperture and focus then get ready to shoot. Try to anticipate when the big bursts are going to happen and mash the cable release button. Vary how long you keep the shutter open. Take lots of pictures.

I'm very happy with a number of my images, but of course I had over 75 to pick and choose from.

Can't wait for next year.  Hopefully I can make it out again.

Vacation Majority

One of the vacation trips we did was to Fort Rodd Hill park. Sox and I went with another friend and her son. I also went with my camera Eye-wink I spent the majority of my time chasing the boys and showing them around, but I still managed to take a few pictures. I will have to head out again some time to really shoot again. It is such an amazing place.

Bluebells Nicely

I am getting caught up on some of the pictures I took in May while I was off work. I don't think I ever posted some of the Blubells that have overtaken our backyard. When they are in full bloom it is a sight to see the yard choked in blue. Very pretty. Sadly they are on Yoshi's side of the yard, so you need to watch where you step. Of course, since they are on the dog side, the flower don't get mowed until they are done.

I managed to get out in the yard between rain showers, so I took some other rain drop shots that I thought turned out nicely too.

Injury Dent

A severe injury to a good friend.

I discovered this a couple weeks ago when I pulled my Canon S30 from its case. There is a small dent on the front, so it must have been dropped onto something pointy, and this is the result. The metal case cannot be bent back into place, and I may try disassembling the case to fix it. Amazingly the camera still works.

No idea when, or how, this actually happened though.


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