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Some pictures taken around the house this past week. Can you figure out what the bottom 3 are of? Answer can be seen by reading more.

Ogden Ferry

Sunday I took Yoshi to the park. I had heard that the new ferry was at Ogden point, so I wanted to catch a glimpse of it. Actually, I wanted to go for a tour, but there just wasn't enough time in the day for everything.

Yoshi and I did the tour of the park before being able to see the new ship. Meh, it looks like a ferry. Perhaps the inside is a little nicer. They are a welcome addition to the fleet though, since I know the Nanaimo, and Victoria runs are extremely busy. Being able to move more cars and people in the same amount of time is going to be great. I hope that they have a nice area on the car deck for pets, and I really hope they have somewhere to lock up bikes, not that I plan to walk on with my bike any time soon.

It was a nice walk, Yoshi had a great romp, and I got to take some pictures.

Photographic Results

in my own world

Well, project 365 is done, and I have to say that I don't think I succeeded with it. I think that I am more aware of photographic opportunities now, but I don't think I expanded creatively like I had hoped. Additionally I didn't feel very enthused by this undertaking after the first few months. It turned into more of a chore than a journey. I often found myself crawling into bed at 10 or 10:30 only to realize I hadn't taken my picture yet. Part of my frustrations were around my work day. I get too wrapped up in work, and often forgot to go outside, get some fresh air, and take some pictures.

more reliable on a daily basis

I also never quite got to the point of posting the picture the day it was taken. This is also something that I felt was a priority for the project, but with a young child at home posting really fell by the wayside.

Some days I was quite happy with my work, and other days I wasn't. One thing I found was that I was spending a lot of time touching up the pictures. After a while I decided that this was again not in the spirit of what I had wanted to do.

nothing but me

Now I am left with the questions of what was it that I really wanted from this project, and what was it I was I was trying to accomplish?

I think I was wanting to expand my creativity with the project. Learn to see life differently, and to not be so self conscious when I am shooting (something I always struggle with especially when I am shooting alone).

I was trying to accomplish the creation of a nice large portfolio of work. I don't think I really accomplished that. I have a bunch of semi-interesting pictures, but it isn't the amazing, breathtaking body of work I was wanting.

I supposed I romanticized this project, and under estimated just how much it would take out of me. I have too many commitments right now to fully fly at a project like this. Maybe I will try it again in another few years.

tidied up a little

A little summary of what I ended up with for the year:
291 pictures posted

First Picture
The photoblog
Last Picture

156 of that 291were taken with my 20D and 134 were taken with the S30. That math doesn't add up, so somewhere along the line one of my posts isn't tagged with what camera I used.

Popular Tags:
71 around the house
39 flower/s
13 plant/s
12 tree/s

listen to this

Notes for next time:

  • If I do this again, it will be at a point in my life where I have more free time.
  • I will dedicate time each day to shooting.
  • I will do more preparation, and give myself more themes to shoot (ie corners)
  • Learn more
  • Be happy with the results

2007 Photography in Review

Time for the 2007 Photography year review. Choosing the pictures for these reviews is getting more difficult. Do I choose something that represent the month? Maybe I choose something quirky that catches my eye? Do I include family snapshots, or composed shots that took time and creativity? This year I chose to go mainly with creative composed shots, although some of them are snapshot like. I also noticed that this year all the shots were taken with my 20D, which is a workhorse of a camera. I love using it, I love the weight of it, and I love the sound of it. Most of all I love taking pictures with it.


While the weather was cold I was inside taking pictures with a lightbox I had built. Here are some coffee beans that I played with one afternoon.


There was still no good light outside, so I picked some Crocuses and put the in the lightbox, turned on the lights and start making my shots.


This was a fun shoot. We had these Daffodils in a vase on top of our tv. With the camera on a tripod I set the shutter for six seconds, and started popping the flash from behind the flowers. I was trying to get the flowers to look like lanterns.


I looked down and saw the smooth blades of grass, and loved how uniform, yet chaotic they looked. The green tones were very striking to me.


In May I shot my first wedding. The wedding was of two very good friends of mine. The weather was making me nervous, but thankfully it didn't interfere with anything. It was challenging, and very fun, and we were all rewarded with some excellent pictures.


The tree, the shadows, the window sill in the background, and the orange color of the wall all combined to catch my fancy. I took this while sitting in my car waiting to pick up my wife after work. This is taken downtown Victoria and is the city hall building.


Myself and another gentleman from the photoclub made a visit to the Saanich Historical Artifiacts Society. They have a lot of old equipment scattered about their yard. I had a great time making images there, until I found this old firetruck. I was in heaven shooting this. The wonderful red paint that is chipped and peeling. I couldn't break free of it lure.


I August my family and I made a trip to Ottawa. While walking over the Rideau Canal I saw this lone kayaker going against the wind. The dark water contrasted nicely against the yellow kayak.


During a trip to Beacon Hill Park I had some time to wander around with my camera. There had been a heavy dew that morning but it had all evaporated. Fortunately I found a couple leaves that still had some heavy droplets on them. I love the clipped grass, and the lovely globes of water on the underside of the leaf. Again, the green tones are stunning.


Walking my dog Yoshi through Oak Bay, I found the lantern plants at the side of the road. It was a gorgeous fall day with blue skies and colorful leaves all around me. The warm sun was pouring down on this plant, and the vivid colors here were more vibrant that anything else in the garden.


I awoke early one morning while in Maui and was fortunate enough to look outside and see this sunrise. I didn't even have to leave the condo we were renting as I was able to shoot this from our balcony. I was afraid that if I took the time to run downstairs I would miss the light. Five minutes later the light was totally different, and ten minutes after this shot the sunrise was over.


Walking dogs at Elk Lake is always a good time, but for one reason or another, on this day Yoshi was behaving oddly. He and I broke off from the group and went on our own walk. I saw this miniature forest with perfect light, just off the trail we were on. I crouched down, then set the focus on the camera. With the strap around my neck, I then lowered the camera until it was only a few inches off the ground, and the strap was tight. Pressing the shutter I didn't know what I would end up with, and after three shots were done, this was a result.

Christmas Lens

Merry Christmas to me! Merry Christmas to me!

Today Sox and I were out, and I bought my new lens, a Canon 70-200 F4.0L IS.

The above picture is a crop of the first picture. Nice and sharp.

I've taken a few pictures with it so far, and I like it a lot. It seems lighter than the 28-135 I already have, and the focus seems quick. Most shots were of Sprout, and strangely enough, he was asking me to take pictures of him and his Bopp (blanket).

Now I can't wait to use it on a real photo shoot.

I call this one "Spidey has a fling".


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